10th of September 1735 Land preparing was started on the Kushva-river bank for a factory construction and settlement building.
14th of December 1735 Empress Anna by her decree approved the mountain’s name “Blagodat” and the factory project.
1806 The 1st steam-machine in region was constructed and started up in the event of scarcity of water in the Kushva-pond.
1865 Stoppage of bloomery iron manufacturing
1878 Start of Metallurgical railway traffic, with which the JSC KZPV was bound up by its own branch railway.
1883 A blowing machine with gas recovery was put into operation.
3rd of March 1906 Completion of the open-hearth plant project.The factory produced the first lot of open-hearth steel.
1929 The 1st agglofactory (sintering plant) in the country started working.
1933 The 1st in Ural and the 2nd in the country iron-casting machine was put into operation in the factory.
1940 For the 1st time in the country the factory used technology of vanadium iron smelting in blast furnaces.
1964 Finishing of foundry erection.
30th of June 1964 The 1st roll was casted in the KZPV foundry!The roll had dimensions 700 x 910mm. The customer — Lisva Metallurgical Plant.
1967 Machine workshop erection was completed.
1970 The induction furnace IFM — 60M was put into operation.
1983 Introduction of spun casting technology for pipe-rolls.
1992-1993 The factory was reorganized from public into joint-stock company.
1996 Centrifugal casting machine with horizontal axis sheet-rolls production (diameter – 800mm.) was put into operation.
1998 Construction and startup of 2 electric IFM furnaces with 10-tonn crucible capacity each.New technology development of centrifugal casting for double-poured rolls production, diameter – up to 1200mm.
2005 Foundry improvement:Replacement of obsolete IFM furnaces with 10- and 6-tonn crucibles by modern International standards-driven IFM 12-, 20- and 30-tonn crucible furnaces, produced by ABB Process Industries GmbH (Germany).

Four heat treatment furnaces, produced by Bosio D.O.O. (Slovenia), have been installed and run in JSC KZPV. Bosio D.O.O. has delivered heat treatment furnaces for such enterprises as Store (Slovenia), Mercedes-Benz and others.