Roll order


OZPV Company is the official trade representative of KUSHVA ROLL MANUFACTURING FACTORY

620014 Ekaterinbug city, mail box 375



Russia, Sverdlovsk region, 

Ekaterinbug city

Radisheva str. 33, office  49

OZPV Companny is an exclusive seller of Kushva Roll Manufacturing Factory’s Rolls, based on general agreement
since 1996.  

Director JSC "OZPV" 

 Petrov Andrey

  • tel:  +7 (343) 345 72 00

  • fax: +7 (343) 345 72 01

  • cell: +7 (922) 209 60 00

  • e-mail:

Head of Sales Department (Asia, South-East Asia)

Mironova Tatyana 

  • tel:   +7 (343) 447 56 99

  • cell: +7 (904) 542 70 46

  • e-mail:


Head of Sales Department (North America)

Gimaletdinova Ellina 



To place an order for the supply of rolls, you need to contact the sales representative of the Kushva Roll Manufactoring Factory - OZPV JSC and provide the following data:


  1. Constructional drawing of the roll

  2. Material grade

  3. Hardness of barrels and necks of the rolls

  4. Depth of the working layer

  5. Rolled material and assortment



Additional Information:


  1. Type of mill

  2. Type and number of stand in the mill

  3. Calibration drawing (for calibrated rolls)

  4. Maximum rolling force

  5. Maximum torque of the main drive of the stand and other special operating conditions.


The quality of the products is being controlled at each stage of production.


During the technological process of metal melting, the chemical composition of the roll melt is controlled by an optical emission spectrometer. During the roll  machining process, ultrasonic testing is performed to detect internal defects. Hardness, residual stresses, residual austenite are monitored on the roll surface.


Hardness and microstructure of the metal are checked on the samples cut from the barrels and necks of the roll, the shape and distribution of graphite are evaluated, the structural components of the metal substrate are determined, the mechanical properties of the roll metal are determined by bending, stretching, and impact strength.

During machining process, the structure of the roll and necks working layer, the distribution of graphite are being controlled, the hardness and mechanical properties of the roll are determined.


Before acceptance of production to the warehouse each roll passes the control of geometrical sizes


  • Address: 624300, Russia

  • Sverdlovsk Region

  • Kushva city

  • Pervomaiskaya str. 43